I am, a short film about Existence. 

This is an animated short film following a Mime Artist in search for his real indentity. During his quest he overcomes a series of difficult situations to finally access the key to existence. It is inspired by Ghost in the Shell and Pinnochio. It raises multiple questions about Human/Non Human, Gender/Identity and Life as a technology.



The story is set in a dystopian future, a non-human world where Mimes are being made in factories. In this world, Life remains undefined because everyone is expected to be the same. However the main character is looking for his real identity, far from what is being imposed on him by Society. The story really starts after he is being called to see his robotic Health Advisor. During the meeting she tries to convince him to stop questioning the meaning of life because it is a “bad attitude”. Shortly after he experiences a series of traumatic flashbacks and decides to escape to Pleasure Island. On arrival he meets an Oracle who convinces him to steal the brain of the last Human on Earth. He reluctantly agrees to the mission when she promesses to grant access to his ‘real self’ in exchange. Once on Earth, the Mime is ready to face the Human who happens to be the source of his traumatic flashbacks. After some discussions, the Mime finds out that the Human is sick and they decide to merge. At the end, the Mime wakes up as a new entity and defines his existence as being the "ultimate Creation". He compares the act of being alive as “being a sculptor… my feelings are my tools and experiences my clay.” Side story: The Human is the last one on Earth because everyone else has died from a mysterious disease. It is left unclear why, all we know is that it is food related. They are evocation of the government allowing this disease to spread. The Oracle sells stolen memories to read the future.


Themes explored:

The Creation Myth (God), Frankenstein (Hybridity, Chimeras), Technology as Magic, Surveillance and Control, Alienation and Conformism, Natural/Unnatural, Mental Health.


This film is my final MA project at the Royal College of Art (Information Experience Design). Made on Blender.